Our Knowledge

  • Today we want to talk labels, another area that we’ve got a wealth of knowledge in.

  • We’ve been through the process of designing and producing business cards a million times - so let’s take a closer look at how the process should break down.

  • With holiday season upon us, it got us thinking about how many accessories you travel with these days, as well as the promotional opportunity they offer.

  • In this week’s blog we’re talking about packaging and have enlisted the help of our design consultant, Dawn Hogg, to guide us through the trends appearing in 2017.

  • It’s becoming increasingly easier for criminals to skim debit cards; we've all heard stories about card and banking fraud. Whith this kind of fraud on the increase, it's important to protect yourself as much as possible.

  • Brand consistency is the ultimate asset, but why? Branding communicates what you do and what you stand for, as well as inspiring trust - but consistency is key.

  • Where do colour trends come from? We take a look at what the current trends are and how important this is for us as we develop innovative branding solutions for our clients.

  • Our Key Account Manager, Lynn Fergusson, reviews the importance of a keep-sake from a special sporting event.

  • Have you noticed how seasonality has become such a fundamental part of marketing? For a promotional business like ours, seasonality has an important role to play in a targeted campaign.

  • From the first colour TV broadcast by the BBC in 1968 to the release of the Sony Walkman in 1979 and the Apple iPod in 2001, technology is forever evolving and improving.

  • When it comes to your morning run or gym workout, there are a couple of earphones that stand out from the crowd.

  • Not only are printed bags incredibly practical and useful for your clients, they're also the ideal way to promote your brand message on-the-go, getting your company name or marketing idea out there.

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