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Branded clothing plays a crucial role in businesses that are rebranding.

Martin Ellis
By Martin Ellis
  • 3 October 2018
  • Reading time: 5 minutes
Branded clothing solutions

Companies change. It’s a fact of the business world. Often times they set out with one particular mission in mind and end up somewhere completely different. Ride-sharing app Uber is one such company that knows all about this journey (‘journey’...get it?). Initially starting out as ‘a way for 100 friends in San Francisco to get luxury rides’ its simple proposition of push-a-button-get-a-taxi was one of those things that was just too effective to stay between a small group of people. One of the past decade’s biggest stories in tech, Uber is now a self-described transport network that operates in 450 cities worldwide and delivers goods as well as people.

So, with that transformation in mind, it’s no surprise that the company has recently undergone a pretty heavyweight rebrand to reflect its current offering more accurately. Any design geeks reading might like to take in a tour of the evolution provided by the company itself here.

All the elements for developing a recognisable brand seem to be there – and this got us ruminating on rebrands and wondering about how this tech-based company would be translating its new identity into real life. Especially in the ‘Age of the Smart Screen’, we notice there’s a tendency to focus on digital assets and ignore the value of what we like to think of as ‘real-life’ expressions of the brand. Clothing is an excellent example of an opportunity and gap in the market that’s just waiting to come back into fashion for brands once again.

Why so? Well, first of all, it’s usually worn by one of your most important assets and champions of your brand – your employees (or colleagues). These are the people who hold your reputation in their hand each time they interact with clients or customers. Even before they get a chance to talk though, an impression is already instinctively forming on the customer’s part based on that member of staff’s appearance. So, what does your company clothing say about your brand? Does it unify all the values of your brand in one visually pleasing outfit or garment? Or is it just not working as hard as that individual who’s wearing it?

For us, helping our clients find the right solution for their company clothing needs isn’t simply a matter of choosing a garment and slapping a logo on it. It should be as carefully considered as the branding process itself.

One of our long-time clients Clearwater, Europe’s leading water hygiene company, tasked us with realising its fantastic and colourful new logo as an embroidered piece on its corporate clothing. Never one to shy away from a challenge, we found a way to consistently get all the complexity of the new logo’s gradients onto the clothing they’d picked out. It may have taken 15 different colours of thread, 10,000 stitches and 57 sample garments to get it right but we did it (and also ended up with one very happy client).

So, if you’re looking to refresh your company’s wardrobe in any way – we’re full of great ideas and drive to get it right and make the people who matter most to your business proud to wear your name. Why not get in touch today to speak to one of our experts?

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