A few creative uses of print

There's something about print that speaks to us all.

Lynn Fergusson
By Lynn Fergusson
  • 20 September 2018
  • Reading time: 4 minutes
Using print as part of your marketing campaign

As nifty and new as all the virtual reality, Bluetooth hotspot, social media content and other digital stunts can be – there’s something about print that speaks to us as humans. It’s a common theme in the last few blogs we’ve posted, and one we wanted to back up with a few examples of brands who are using its virtues to their advantage. Here goes...

Burger King

No convoluted sign-up process, no bandwith destroying video pop up that you didn’t ask for, no cringeworthy ‘down with the kids’ type social media posts – just a simple, effective idea, creatively executed. Burger King’s ‘Burning Stores’ print ads earned it a Grand Prix award at Cannes and features a seriously brave and impactful way of showcasing its flame grilled credentials. Who would have thought a burning fast food restaurant could have been captured so unforgettably? A bold idea like this one deserves a bold format – an arresting use of print if ever we saw one.

Gelada Beer

Can your latest print ad cool your drink for you? This one from Brazillian beer brand Gelada can. By soaking the advert in water and wrapping it around your beer before putting it in the freezer, the ad itself (printed using salt which lowers the freezing point of water) makes sure that drinkers don’t have to put up with a lukewarm experience.


Big car brands are usually associated with highly polished TV ads showing their latest model carving a path through some incredible scenery. How do you get the motion of a driving experience into a print ad though? Well, the innovative brains at Toyota found a way with this clever little ad for their C-HR model. The playful sportiness of the car is reflected in the execution of the ad, giving not only an interesting hook into the product but Toyota as a brand.

The London/New York/Berlin Marathon

Can you imagine this incredible piece of art direction being quite as impactful on a smartphone screen? Some ideas just deserve a ‘big impact’ format like print to realise their full potential. Who would have thought the sole of a trainer could have been so compelling?

We’ve long been big fans of print as a communication format, but ever since we attended the ‘Everything’s Possible In Print’ conference earlier this year we’ve had somewhat of a renewed enthusiasm for it. There’s no denying just how important a medium it is for getting your message and brand across – and in that sense, its potential is somewhat underrated.

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