Thrown in the deep end

When Darryl joined us for work experience, he wasn't sure what to expect...

Darryl Penson
By Darryl Penson
  • 15 August 2018
  • Reading time: 2 minutes
Thrown in the deep end

I didn’t really know what to expect, walking into the Streamline offices for the first time. Sent here by a business coach for some training and experience, I thought I might have an interesting time, learn some of the secrets of marketing from a business at the creative core of the industry, and just enjoy a few nice days in Edinburgh.

What I certainly didn’t see coming was how much energy I would feel in the atmosphere on a grey Monday morning. When your first experience of a company is sitting in a meeting while the sales team vote on whether they preferred Graeme’s passionate monologue on Russian politics or Nelson’s impromptu exposé on fire engines - his ground-breaking analysis had revealed that they are in fact red, with blue lights on top - it makes you realise that boring doesn’t happen here.

Work isn’t usually this enjoyable, is it?

After a few days though, I began to realise where it all came from. It would be pretty hard not to feel energetic and happy when everyone around you is focused on coming up with original concepts and quirky ideas for how to make their clients’ marketing special.

Creativity is fun, and having fun makes you feel more creative - it’s like a positive version of a vicious circle. But if it makes everyone in the workplace this happy and interesting to talk to, it’s a catch 22 I’m very happy to be feeling sucked in to!

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