Innovation - what's in a word?

Innovation is a buzzword at risk of being overused and underperforming, but we'd like to restore its true significance.

  • 28 February 2018
  • Reading time: 5 minutes
Innovation - what's in a word?

Innovation. It seems to be the word on everyone’s lips at the moment. You might have noticed that it usually goes hand-in-hand with ‘disruptive solutions’ to the market that promise to change the way you work/eat/sleep/stack your cooking spices. Honestly, it’s become a bit of a buzzword that’s in high risk of being overused and underperforming (if not already!). It shouldn’t be something automatically attached to a product or service that’s been altered ever-so-slightly – so we’re writing this article because we want to take the meaning back and restore its true significance.

Innovation is a principle we live by. It’s what we do every day, it’s what makes us different and it’s why our clients choose to work with us... so you can see why we’re protective of its value! We always seek to put the most innovative options in front of our clients, no matter what their request. Take, for example, our e-commerce offering. Through market research and investigation we have been developing public-facing e-commerce websites for our clients - pioneering a service in the industry by providing a complete management service to produce, stock, distribute and manage our client's online sales of branded items.

"This is a great breakthrough for the education system in particular, as most universities have a merchandise store. This solution removes all the hassle and admin of running such a tool for the in-house team," says Duane Paterson, Lead Account Manager. We always go the extra mile to ensure our clients get more than they ask for, even if that’s just sending them a token of our appreciation. The concept of innovation shouldn’t just apply to the pre-transactional stage of a company’s offering, after all.

Our dedication to the true spirit of innovation means that we’ve recently appointed Duane as our Innovation Champion. It’s a new internal role within our team, but basically Duane is here to develop and progress the business on an innovative scale. That could be anything from products, internal systems or even the way we communicate to clients. A broad remit indeed! Duane will be busy coordinating ideas from across the business into something representative of who we are and, most importantly, ideas that make a difference to our clients.

The wheels are already in motion. We can’t give away what we’re working on just yet but you can expect to hear more about innovation from us in the future. It’s something that’s already part of our Board meetings and internal updates, so hopefully you can tell it’s a principle that we’re really committed to. Watch this space!

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