Direct mail and digital: team players

When cleverly combined, direct mail and digital are very powerful partners in driving sales.

Zoe Paterson
By Zoe Paterson
  • 14 February 2018
  • Reading time: 6 minutes
Direct mail and digital: team players

When you receive a piece of direct mail that catches your eye, be it a leaflet, flyer, letter or maybe even something a little more special like a beautifully packaged piece of branded merchandise - what's the first action you take? There are few people left in the world who don't have a smart device or computer to hand in their home, and it doesn't take a giant research budget to realise that most of our information gathering begins online. 

So, what's our point? Well, we regularly work with companies whose bread and butter is driven by eye-catching, targeted and creative direct mail campaigns. We've found that the most effective ones tend to exploit this insight concerning our tendency towards online research as a first port of call. So, you might say that the execution of what actually goes through the letterbox is half the battle. The concept is on point, art direction looks incredible, the message is compelling - but it's most definitely missing a trick if it doesn't account for humanity's increasing reliance on digital technology. 

When cleverly combined, direct mail and digital are very powerful partners in driving sales. This article from Digital Doughnut from last year explains a bit more about how marketers came to realise the potential there is in teaming up these disciplines. And direct mail isn't all the old carpet bombing, shiny sales blurb of days gone by. We're producing mailings for clients that combine paper collateral, tote bags and sports balls - whatever it takes to create an impact and cut through the other every-day items to create a memorable brand experience with your particular audience. 

Let's look at the customer journey in a bit more detail. After receiving the physical piece of direct mail that piques their interest, the customer is likely to go online and do a bit of research about the offer, product or service. If the claims made still sound appealing and the customer is still interested, they'll likely keep that piece of direct mail around the house or office for a while, getting on with day-to-day life in the meantime. Perhaps they'll even do a little bit more research while mulling over the proposition they've been given, proving that 57% of the buying decision is done before any contact is made with the 'seller'. 

It seems to us that the role of digitially integrated direct mail is to provide that all important spark in the customer's mind, whereas online there should be further information on offer to help convert the sale. 

If you're considering your next direct mail campaign and looking for inspiration, you're in luck. We've not only got a huge range of ideas for you but also a wealth of expertise in the area too. You can see some of our previous work here. Bespoke solutions are a specialty though, so even if you don't see what you're looking for, don't be afraid to get in touch to pick our brains! 

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