When you just need a problem solved...

We love a challenge. Here's how we set about designing and producing a bespoke beer carrier to solve our client's challenge.

Roger Paterson
By Roger Paterson
  • 7 February 2018
  • Reading time: 6 minutes
When you just need a problem solved...

Have you ever been in the position where you just want someone to help you out with your problem? Have you ever asked a question you weren’t sure you’d get an easy answer to? Sami was in that position, and here’s how we gave her a solution AND an easy answer.

When Sami from Design by Day asked me early in our professional relationship, Do you do beer carriers? I instinctively answered Yes. We’ve done all manner of branded merchandise and packaging, so why wouldn’t we be able to produce a carrier for beer bottles?

Sami had a client, Molson Coors, which was looking for a bottle carrier to enable its 500-strong sales team to take samples of its beers to clients. Seems simple enough, right? But here’s the tricky part – there are three different sizes of bottle they need to carry; 330ml, 500ml and 660ml. How do you design a carrier that is suitable for all three different sizes of bottle?

We love a challenge

We set about prototyping a tapered top box with a hand hole and four windows. We were looking for ideas on how to stop the different size bottles ‘floating around’ the carriers, when a member of our production team came up trumps. A collar, of course! A rectangular piece of board with a circular hole that slotted over the neck of the bottle and held it steady in the carrier, regardless of its size. So simple, yet so effective.

To achieve Molson Coors’ solid grey brand colour, we reviewed many options but settled on printed sheets laminated to e-flute board, and kept the window cut-outs hinged inwards to reduce glass contact.

Along the way our client decided that the packaging of these carriers had to be in sets of ten, so we developed another perfect sized corrugated box cut by a sampling machine to enable ten beer carriers and ten collars to go out as a set. Job done.

A little added extra

Once we had accomplished the design of the packaging, it was time to consider what else would be possible to reinforce the desired sales message. It was suggested that all sales team members should carry a branded notebook which was designed in accordance with the bottle carrier. This meant designing a notebook with artwork that encompassed seven of the company’s main brands in detail, but was still as functional as it needed to be.

Again, we set about trialling the detail; shifting the artwork to avoid the elastic strap, checking we could achieve the fine detail of the brand designs in an emboss on PU, and producing a trial batch which carried the Molson Coors’ brand beautifully. Our client was delighted:

"Molson is really happy with the notebooks and would like to continue the order..." Sami France, Design by Day.

All in all, this was a great project to work on. It’s a really good example of how considering all the details up front and coordinating the approach led to a successful outcome for a prominent brand owner. Our team was meticulous in its process, delivering the products to Molson Coors’ exacting warehouse procedure, but most importantly, ensuring brand consistency across both packaging and merchandise.

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