Good customer service - through the eye of the beholder

Good customer service can be a very subjective topic. We take a look at how tailoring our customer service to each client really is what works best for us.

Claire Sim
By Claire Sim
  • 24 January 2018
  • Reading time: 7 minutes
Customer service - through the eye of the beholder

When we think of good customer service, we think of Warby Parker. A few years ago, there emerged a story where an unwitting customer of theirs experienced a genuinely first-class example of customer service. Having left his glasses on a train, this visually compromised individual was astonished when a replacement pair arrived at his door a few days later. To his amazement the scuffed lenses had even been replaced. Little did he know, but sitting opposite him on the train that day was one of Warby Parker’s senior staff members. It was their quick thinking and digital detective work that resulted in the man being reunited with his newly refurbished glasses.

Admittedly, this is a particularly unique tale of customer service gone undeniably right – one that’s frankly award-worthy if you ask us! It also goes to show that positive customer service experiences come in all shapes and sizes – and aren’t confined to the shop floor.

However, Warby Parker’s sterling example aside, it’s our view that good customer service can be a very subjective topic. Let’s think about the world of retail for a second. Some customers definitely prefer the more hands-on approach, with the sales staff approaching them the second they walk through the door ready to cater to their every whim. On the other hand, the more thoughtful or introverted customer would probably rather be left to browse in peace, alone and undistracted by the annoyance of any unwarranted upselling.

No one would disagree that bad customer service is pretty high on the list of reasons to boycott a certain shop or company altogether. But well-intentioned and typically ‘good’ customer service can do the same – proactive staff can come across as overbearing, and more hands-off employees can seem disinterested. It all depends who you are and what your personal preferences are.

At Streamline it’s our philosophy that as this is a such an unknown and unpredictable fact of the business world, there’s another way to give a higher quality and more consistent customer service experience. First and foremost, we prefer to focus on understanding exactly what our customer’s requirements are. It might sound like a pretty obvious fundamental, but you’d be surprised how often it’s forgotten in order to chase the financial agenda of the company at the other side of the sales desk.

For example, there have been numerous times when we have had a client looking for something really specific, whether it be a delegate gift, sponsorship item or employee recognition award, but we just know that the spec/style/cut/design of the item (be it print or product) just isn't going to be right for their requirements. One of our values is Honesty, and another one of our values is Accountability. We are accountable for how that product or piece of print is received, therefore we always want to be honest and make sure our clients are made aware of every option there is to make sure the right decision is made for them. 

If you know exactly what it is that you’re looking for, great. Our specialism (and this is where we think our customer service skills really shine) is understanding your requirements and giving you our specialist recommendations. We’ve been doing what we do for a while now – some 40 plus years - and have gathered a wealth of knowledge along the way. And it’s all here for the taking. Who knows, we might well come up with a solution that you weren’t even aware was possible.

...Oh, and if we ever notice one of our products left on a train, we’ll do our best to get it back to the owner!

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