Do something different in 2018

What's your New Year's resolution? We take a look at what changes could help you, and your business make sustainable changes for the better.

Claire Sim
By Claire Sim
  • 10 January 2018
  • Reading time: 5 minutes
Do something different in 2018

What's your New Year's resolution? To give up the gin and take up the gym? To eat healthier and feel happier? Or maybe it's time to try something new - to write that novel, learn paragliding, or take up ballroom dancing? 

It's easy to be full of good intentions on the first of January but by the time February rolls around most of us fall by the wayside. That's often because our plans aren't sustainable - the behaviour shift needed is too big to become habitual. Change takes motivation and attention. It takes time - change doesn't happen over night. Research shows that mere repetition of a simple action in a consistent context leads to the action being activated upon subsequent exposure to those contextual cues. That's why small changes are recommended - it's easier to change something small, but the culmination of a number of small changes can have a significant impact for you, or for your business. 

There's one change that we think is small enough to be sustainable yet big enough to have a lasting impact: resolve to make life a bit more interesting. Change things up. Turn left instead of right. Have a tea instead of your usual coffee. Go for a moonlit walk rather slump in front of the tv. Volunteer your time with a good cause instead of going shopping for things you don't really need. Read non-fiction instead of fiction. Switch up at least one decision every day and change your life - or your business. 

Find a different approach, take a risk, look at things in a new light. Innovate. It's liberating! It's exciting and surprisingly energising. We waste so much time trying to fit in that we forget it's actually good to stand out. Stand out by doing something different, it's easier than you think. 

At Streamline we're going big on thinking differently in 2018. In fact, we've appointed a team Innovation Champion to help us find more and more ways to make life interesting at work - for our team and for our clients. We can't wait to see how our clients react. One of the best things about our job is that we get to work with brands that share our approach to innovation. And over the years we've found the more we think differently, the more clients who also think differently we get to work with. It would seem like does attract like. 

To stand out from the crowd is always an act of courage but it's one that pays off for brands, workplaces and people. So, how are you going do things differently this year? We'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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