2017: A year in review with Streamline’s MD Roger

Our MD, Roger Paterson, talks a bit about the past, the present and the company’s aspirations for the future.

Roger Paterson
By Roger Paterson
  • 21 December 2017
  • Reading time: 8 minutes
2017: A year in review

Our MD, Roger Paterson, talks a bit about the past, the present and the company’s aspirations for the future.

What changes have the last 12 months brought for Streamline?

It’s been a year of growth for us given our client list has expanded quite significantly. We’re particularly excited about new working partnerships with fantastic companies such as Irwin Mitchell Solicitors. Not only that but we’ve made great inroads with many leading design agencies too, which has opened doors to collaboration with some fantastic brands. Producing various branded merchandise for Facebook was a particular highlight – we made a run of branded notebooks and these fantastic wooden tea caddies for them. That’s not to mention the work we did with Panasonic on its Toughbook laptops, and the umbrellas we produced for Caorunn Gin! Fantastic names to have on the books and work we’re very proud of too.

How does that compare to last year?

Well, in terms of what kind of clients we’re attracting we seem to be doing something right where the design agencies are concerned – we’re working with quite a number of them now. In terms of the bigger picture we’re well passed 100 new clients at this point in the year, which is double last year’s figures. I’m pleased to say that we’ve seen a few clients make a welcome return to us too, which seems to speak for itself in terms of our offering, if I dare say so myself!

So, how did you do that?

Our major marketing campaign this year was our ‘#makeyourmark’ double-sided notebooks and judging by the way business has gone it’s been a great success. We’re particularly proud of it because it was all produced in-house. Off the back of that we launched our quarterly innovative products newsletter (you can sign up via our homepage). We often get people calling up to find out about something they’ve seen there. People seem to appreciate our ideas.

This influx of new clients must have been keeping you busy. Does that mean there’s been growth within the company too?

That’s right. We’ve hired five new team members over the last year, with two new additions to our burgeoning business development team, and two new faces joining us in the new year. We’ve done this to invest in our future. For Streamline, it’s not just about coping with the current business, it’s about going forward and continuing to build on the great progress we’ve made. There’s been more exciting internal developments as well as the upstaffing. We’ve had great feedback on ‘The Streamline Way’, a document that we designed to help give people a better insight into how the team works as well as our culture. That launched a few months ago and has had a great reception so far. Another idea we’ve implemented internally is a personal development plan for each of our team members. Everyone who works here should have an opportunity to progress their role and a clear idea of how to achieve it. Oh, and our inter-office camera has made a real difference to bringing our various offices and teams together. It’s a simple feature but it really closes the distance. Another plus is that it’s easy to see who’s in if you need to call them!

How do you plan to build on this year’s success in 2018?

As well as build on the great streak of new business we’ve managed over the last year, we can’t forget those hugely valued clients with which we’ve been working so successfully for some time. Greater Glasgow Health Board being one, GAP Group and Gregory Distribution being others. We’ll be putting a big push behind our innovation agenda too. We’d like to become innovative partners with more of the brands we work with – it’s worked so well for existing clients that have put trust in us as consultants rather than just supply. It’s a matter of having that back and forth communication where you need a human voice to make something stand out just that little bit extra.

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