A few thoughts on customer service

Customer service: it's a buyer's market these days

Claire Sim
By Claire Sim
  • 13 December 2017
  • Reading time: 6 minutes
A few thoughts on customer service

In this digital age of TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google Reviews it’s perhaps no surprise that more and more companies are focusing their efforts on polishing up their customer service skills as much as possible. Take the tourism industry for example. That well-deserved holiday time that you’ve been working so hard for all year – are you going to take a chance on having it spoiled by booking a hotel, airline or attraction that’s relationship with its clients is in the gutter? Very unlikely! Twenty years ago, it wasn’t as simple as punching in a few search terms and finding a broad palette of opinion from people around the world. However, today we don’t have to spend anything at all to get a good idea of a company’s reputation, and those in the business know it.

That’s not to say these innovations have meant standards have universally risen, of course. Everyone’s got an unfortunate tale of woeful customer service to trade when the topic comes up. One bugbear of ours is quite simply, lack of flexibility. For example, when you book a restaurant and arrive a bit early. Being turned away and having to find something else to do for 15 minutes or awkwardly hanging around the entrance until the exact time you booked can really kill the mood. Another table while you wait, or being offered a drink at the bar, on the other hand, would be fantastic. It’s little touches of preparedness like this that draw a distinct line between the good and the bad when it comes to dealing with customers.

Here at Streamline we like to try and lead by example. We get it - the day-to-day demands, thirteenth hour changes and pesky, ever-present changing deadlines are just part of the job. Those who choose to work with us know that ‘Routine Perfection’ isn’t some empty corporate promise – we make sure that throughout everything we do there’s an unrivalled attention to detail. This goes for our customer service too. We’ll always seek to make a stressful situation more bearable by doing what we can to help. ‘No problem, I’ll take care of that for you’ is almost like an unofficial motto around our offices! Just a few ways we’ve tried to make our client’s lives easier are our online portal, warehousing facilities and pick ‘n’ pack service. It’s definitely worth reading this article to learn a bit more about how these features can help make your life a lot easier. Whether it’s having the right brochures available for that event that you just got the go-ahead for at the last minute, that piece of branded merchandise that’s going to be a crucial leave-behind at your next client meeting or even making sure those new uniforms are fit for purpose – exemplary customer service is all par for the course at Streamline! Just take a look at what some of our testimonials have to say.

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