Brand ambassadors - who are yours?

It's easy to lose sight of your brand's most powerful advocates - are you making the most of yours?

Zoe Paterson
By Zoe Paterson
  • 8 November 2017
  • Reading time: 5 minutes
Brand ambassadors - who are yours?

Who are your brand’s ambassadors? In today’s information age, the answer isn’t always as obvious as you might think. We’re so obsessed with the clicks, the hits, the likes, the shares, the time spent on the page and the customer journey through the website that it’s easy to get lost in the detail, measure the wrong things, focus on the wrong part of your sales pipeline – or lose sight of your brand’s most powerful advocates. 

It wasn’t always like this. Back in the heady pre-internet days of yore, word of mouth was one of the most powerful marketing tools because businesses built their reputations – and of course their brands – on recommendations. Of course, the principle hasn’t gone away – see TripAdvisor, GlassDoor, TrustedReviews and a myriad of other sites – but perhaps we’ve stopped relying on good old-fashioned word of mouth from people we know and trust.

That’s a pity, because great, personal word of mouth is still as powerful today. So, have you found your ambassador community? They can be drawn from almost everywhere: your people, your clients, your suppliers, your leads – even people who’ve been influenced by your sponsorship, advertising or community efforts. They’re probably the people you interact with in real, every day life, rather than in the virtual world though.

Work out how to give them the tools they need to spread the word about your business. Here at Streamline, we love all things print and paper (no surprises there), so when we were thinking about our ambassador tools it didn’t take us long to come up with our stunning notebook. Functional, beautiful and simple, we like to think it’s the personification of Routine Perfection, our brand value. Like us, our unique notebook stands for something.

We’ve sent our notebooks to a selection of our brand ambassadors and are delighted with how they are becoming a real talking point across the businesses of Britain this year. We can't wait to unveil our 2018 product campaigns, watch this space... 

So, what’s the perfect physical representation of your brand?

What would be the best tool to put in the hands of your ambassadors and advocates?

We’d love to help you find out. Get in touch with one of our experts to start exploring the possibilities. 

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