Why having belief in your brand really matters

Have you ever found yourself in a conundrum over the use or representation of your brand? Our advice is to stay true to your brand and make a decision based on all the things your brand stands for.

Glenn Paterson
By Glenn Paterson
  • 18 October 2017
  • Reading time: 6 minutes
Why having belief in your brand really matters

Most of those who work in marketing will, at one time or another, have found themselves in that place where the limitations of the company's brand are particularly apparent. Perhaps someone has come to you with a great opportunity that you can clearly see the potential in… but just simply doesn’t work with your brand. It might seem at the time that passing up such opportunities is a case of cutting your nose off to spite your face – but we know that standing by your brand can be a tricky but crucial principle to follow. As the renowned Creative Director Bill Bernbach once said; ‘It’s not a principle until it costs you money.’

The inspiration for this article actually came from an experience one of our own team members had recently, and it got us thinking about why it’s so important to believe in your brand. What happened was this; one of our Account Managers saw that the offer and value of service being proposed to a client of ours by a competitor was going to not only result in an inferior product but also a lesser level of service. We discussed the situation internally and the verdict was clear; we needed to let our client know about our concerns before it all went horribly wrong. After all, part of the Streamline brand is providing unrivalled quality in not only product but service as well, something that we’re very passionate about. We couldn’t let this one slide - we are our clients' trusted brand partner and we will guard its brand as if it were our own. The client appreciated our honesty and advice, and went ahead with the order based on our recommendation.

Striking that balance between offering a fair price and keeping the quality of your work high, all without compromising the relationship with your client or missing out on new business can be tricky. But much like the execution of your branding, consistency is key, and you can come off a lot better in the long run for sticking to your guns when you know it’s the right thing to do. So, our advice is that when faced with a situation like this; make your decision based on all the things your business stands for. If you don’t have confidence in your own brand, why would anyone else?

Here are our five key questions to ask yourself if you find yourself in a conundrum like this:

1. Are we completely knowledgeable about our product and/or service?
2. Do we offer the best overall value for everything we do?
3. If we compromise on price, will the client service and quality also be compromised?
4. Am I prepared to lose this sale in order to stay true to my values and brand?
5. Will I regret it if I compromise at this stage in the negotiation?

Here’s the trick – if you can wholeheartedly answer yes to all these questions, then you’re on the right lines! It might seem like a tough decision at the time but standing by your brand will not only send out a confident, positive message to your clients but also earn you respect for staying true to your beliefs. We always love to hear success stories – have you had a similar experience where your brand principles have paid off?

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