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With so many things, what happens on the inside has a huge impact on what happens on the outside. The same goes for business - success starts with an engaged and committed team.

By Claire Sim
  • 27 September 2017
  • Reading time: 5 minutes
The importance of internal communication

With so many things, what happens on the inside has a huge impact on what happens on the outside. If we eat healthily and exercise regularly, we feel better. If we regularly service our car, it will function and perform better. It’s no different with a company or organisation so we thought we’d take a look at the importance of effective internal communication, and the tools we recommend to support such campaigns.

Our MD, Roger, believes success starts with an engaged and committed team. “It’s really important for all members of staff to understand what the business is all about, what it stands for and what the goals are. How can you perform effectively if you don’t really understand what you’re working towards and why? Every single member of your team is a representative of your brand, so they have to understand the purpose of the business.”

The tools of the trade

As with all forms of communication there are different channels and techniques to inform, motivate, inspire and bring employees together for a truly dedicated workforce.

Wall space

Whatever line of business you’re in there’s always a bit of wall space providing an opportunity to communicate important information to your team. Be as creative as you can with the design of posters, wall art, notice boards or screens to intrigue your team into absorbing your message.

Desk space

An obvious one, but an important one. There are endless brandable items designed for the desk space and pretty much all can be customised to communicate a message. Popular desk items such as notebooks, mouse mats and coasters can be used to display the company’s strapline or mission statement and serve as a regular reminder.

Clothing and uniform

Having a branded uniform can be a great way to unify a team and bring colleagues together. It is also an effective way to consistently portray your brand to the outside world, reminding it of who you are and what you do.


From regular team meetings to annual conferences it’s really important to bring colleagues together to share goals and objectives and to receive feedback. Some companies like to supply employee gifts or incentives at such get-togethers, but it’s also a great time to present ideas or communicate business values across multiple channels.

At Streamline, we support businesses with ideas and solutions across all forms of communication so why not find out how we could help your internal communication campaign. 

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