Storage and distribution: we go behind-the-scenes

We wanted to take you behind-the-scenes to share some of the ways we strive to make our client’s lives easier, so Jody, our Edinburgh warehouse manager talks us through the process.

By Jody Sandford
  • 7 August 2017
  • Reading time: 5 minutes
Storage and distribution: we go behind-the-scenes

We wanted to take you behind-the-scenes to share some of the ways we strive to make our client’s lives easier. We believe it’s important for us to manage as much of the stock management process as possible so that a hassle-free, seamless experience takes place from start to finish.

Here are the four steps we take to make your journey with us as smooth as possible.

Step 1 – storage

In order for our clients to take advantage of economies of scale, most bulk order stock items. Due to the sheer scale of items to then manage, we offer a warehousing solution which is perfect for companies who don’t have the means to store large orders. It also means peace of mind for our clients who know their stock is being stored and managed appropriately.

Step 2 – pick and pack

When our clients call-off an order from their warehoused stock, we pick and pack the order to their exact specification. This saves them having to worry about the manual labour that goes with counting, packing and organising couriers and deliveries.

Step 3 – dispatch

Once the order has been packed up and labelled accordingly, we dispatch it to the required destination. This could be anywhere in the world, or indeed multiple locations. You tell us where to send your order, and we’ll make it happen.

Step 4 – stock management

Finally, if required, we can arrange collection of any surplus stock from your event or location to be returned to our warehouse facilities. We check the items over, ensuring no damage and then place them back into storage. By constantly monitoring and updating our online ordering system, the information our clients receive is totally up-to-date.

We’re always striving to make our client’s lives as easy as possible and that’s how step four came about. We worked with Irwin Mitchell to make bespoke changes to their portal to ensure it accounted for any unused and returned stock items.

Our MD, Roger Paterson commented, “We love it when we have to think outside the box to create a new and innovative solution for a client and this was one of those times. This wasn’t something we had ever done for a company in the past, but we always strive to add value and find new and creative ways to solve our client’s challenges.”

Does this sound like a solution that would work for you? Give us a call or drop us an email to discuss how we can help with your storage and stock management requirements.

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