Understanding typography

What is typography, and how is it used as part of a brand? We investigate.

By Claire Sim
  • 28 July 2017
  • Reading time: 4 minutes
The importance of typography

Every industry has language and acronyms that are unique to that sector and this is the case for our industry of branding and printing. One of those words is typography, which in its basic sense means the art and technique of arranging type. In reality though, it’s a lot more complicated than that.

So, what is typography?

Typography is fundamental to the work of a designer who arranges words in a font, size, colour and style as an attractive package. Type and typography makes a significant difference to a design. Have you ever seen the film The Holiday? You may remember Cameron Diaz’ character telling one of her colleagues to change the type for a movie trailer she’s making. She says, “Twice as big, but try it in a red, a happy red, not a Scorsese red.” This is typography at work, and when it is well thought through it can make a real difference to the representation of your business.

Typography conveys emotions and feelings.


There is a wide choice of fonts, making it a tough decision to get the right font for your brand, logo or design.

As with children’s names, it can be overwhelming! It’s tempting to try and find something unique or unusual, but the most prevalent fonts – Arial, Courier, Helvetica, Tahoma, Times and Verdana – are popular for a reason. They are timeless, classic fonts that never lose their appeal.

Your choice of size, colour and font can be the difference between a client continuing to read your material, or not. Typography conveys emotions and feelings. Some fonts such as Comic Sans are playful and upbeat, whereas others, such as Arial are classic and convey a more serious message. They both serve a purpose, but can portray a very different meaning or feeling.

We are proud to be supporting the Typographic Circle, a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers, with membership gifts this year. We appreciate the value of type and typography as part of a brand, so why not let us help you bring your brand to life with our range of innovative promotional material.  

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