Why there’s still a valid place for direct mail

Direct Mail

We were recently asked by one of our clients if direct mail is still a worthwhile form of communication. This got us thinking and started a debate. Here at Streamline we firmly believe in the power of direct mail and its validity as part of the marketing mix.

Did you know that 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately, and 74% can’t wait to find out what’s in their letterbox? These statistics tell us that direct mail is most definitely a worthwhile form of communication.

Here are four good reasons to believe in the power of direct mail.

1.      It’s in your hands

Studies show that people are far more likely to spend time looking at direct mail than a marketing email. Direct mail gives you the opportunity to get something directly into the hands of your target audience; something they can touch, feel and get an emotional connection with. This is far more engaging than many of the electronic forms of communication we are bombarded with these days.

2.      It gets looked at

How often do you go through your inbox deleting all the junk along the way? Statistics show that people open all their mail, including junk mail, so this is a compelling way to get key messages right in front of your target customer. Because there’s less direct mail being sent out than ever before, you also have less competition to deal with!

The average UK customer spends almost £600 as a result of receiving advertising mail each year. 

3.      Get the creative juices flowing

With direct mail you have the ability to be as creative as possible to get the attention of your audience and get your key messages across. Direct mail should be part of your strategy.

4.      The missing generation

Approximately a third of people over the age of 75 don’t use the internet so direct mail is one of the ways this segment can be reached, whereas online strategies do miss out a certain percentage of the population.

Signature Bag Campaign

Our Signature Bag campaign which we’ve been running for the last 12 months was a creative direct mail approach. Working with four icons of British design, we created embroidered canvas bags in our Exeter factory to raise money for the British Red Cross. 100 Limited Edition bags were made bearing a distinctive colour and the name of the design icons. These unique bags have generated some exciting new business for us, as well as raising £700 for the charity. An all-round success!

Are you running a direct mail campaign? Let us help you mail your message. enquiries@streamlinecorporate.com 

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