On-the-go travel accessories

With holiday season upon us, it got us thinking about how many accessories you travel with these days, as well as the promotional opportunity they offer.

Nelson Paterson
By Nelson Paterson
  • 31 May 2017
  • Reading time: 4 minutes
On-the-go travel accessories

With the summer holiday season upon us, it got us thinking about how much we’re all travelling these days, for both business and pleasure. When you think about how many items you use when travelling, it really opens doors for maximising visual identity awareness.

Whether I’m travelling by plane, train, car or taxi, there are hundreds of products available to make my journey more comfortable, ensuring I stay connected wherever I go in the world.

Memory, power, sound or connectivity – there’s a gadget or gizmo to suit my every need, all of which provide opportunities for customisation and branding in a multitude of ways.

Here are five of my favourite on-the-go gadgets, and how they can be used to raise brand awareness:

1. Headphones

Headphones are an essential piece of my kit, whether I’m travelling or not. I listen to music, podcasts and take phone calls all the time so it would make sense to take advantage of such use by placing Streamline’s logo somewhere prominent.

2. Travel adaptor (with USB ports)

Some people always forget their toothbrush, I always forget my travel adaptor. But maybe if mine had USB ports then I’d make more effort to remember it…

3. Bluetooth speakers

Lightweight, portable, long battery life (and even waterproof) - these devices are perfect for a superior listening experience while I'm on the move. 

4. Luggage scale

I can’t keep up with which airlines take what size baggage and at what weight, so this product has made my life a whole lot easier. I will be forever grateful to the company that first gave me this branded gift!

5. Luggage lock

We seem to live in a world where it’s better to be safe than sorry, so it gives me peace of mind to know my luggage is securely locked. There’s even a Bluetooth version available now, accessible via an app.

Whatever travel gadget you are considering, the team here at Streamline Corporate is dedicated to bringing your brand to life in a practical and innovative way. Why not get in touch with me directly to find out more.

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