A passion for paper

We love paper and the versatility it brings to not only our professional, but our personal lives as well. Here we take a look at a few reasons why we love paper.

Claire Sim
By Claire Sim
  • 23 May 2017
  • Reading time: 6 minutes
A passion for paper

We love paper! Whether it’s to scribble a note to a colleague, sketch a design idea or to wrap a boxed gift for a client, we love paper. Its versatility knows no bounds and the choice we have these days means there really is a stock, colour or design for every requirement.

But how is paper being used in our everyday lives? From a young age, children enjoy making paper planes and now adults are stepping back in time thanks to the versatility of paper. You may have noticed the recent trend for origami and a resurgence of activities that help our wellbeing and mindfulness, such as adult colouring.

In this digital era we’re bringing you three good reasons to reinvigorate your love for paper.

1.      As a craft or hobby

There’s been a noticeable trend towards activities involving paper such as the art of origami. Origami originated in Japan in the 17th Century and the word literally means fold (ori) paper (kami).  The charm of origami is thought to be because if you follow the rules you can create something unusual and unique; it enables you to be creative but in a structured way. Some people have even made successful careers from it, such as making giant origami pieces for festivals or making fairy lights and necklaces to sell online.

2.      For the written word

Earlier this year, we wrote about why we still love notebooks and the same applies for paper. There’s a certain relaxing appeal and satisfaction to writing a letter or list that just isn’t quite the same on a piece of technology. A hand-written letter or invitation has a much more timeless and endearing quality than an email could ever have. As Nelson DeMille, American adventure author, once said “I like the process of pencil and paper as opposed to a machine. I think the writing is better when it’s done in handwriting.

3.      Endless choice

In our world of branding and marketing we deal with all sorts of paper options on a daily basis. The great news is there’s an endless choice of bespoke colours, options to have coated or uncoated papers as well as different finishes from textured to digital print. Companies such as G F Smith in Hull are championing the world of coloured paper and have even gone in search of the world’s favourite colour. Whether it’s a corporate brochure for business or wedding invitations for personal use, the wonderful world of paper allows you to have so many different options.

However it’s used, paper brings creative freedom along with it and in today’s hectic, online world, this is something we could all do with a lot more of!

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