Promotional merchandise: Why it matters so much

Our MD, Roger Paterson, takes a look at how the promotional merchandise industry is significantly contributiong to the way people interact with brands.

Roger Paterson
By Roger Paterson
  • 10 May 2017
  • Reading time: 7 minutes
Promotional merchandise: Why it matters so much

When considering your next marketing campaign, it’s worth thinking about how promotional merchandise will fit in. According to a Sourcing City Promotional Merchandise Industry (UK & Ireland) Market Report 2016[1], for the seventh year running there has been steady and continual growth in the UK & Ireland promotional merchandising market. The industry is now £50million ahead of the year before the banking crisis in 2008 and has made an overall recovery of £292million.

The numbers speak for themselves; this is an industry that is significantly contributing to the way people interact with brands.  

What is promotional merchandise and when can it be used?

Promotional merchandise covers a plethora of items that are branded for distribution to employees, clients, members of the public or other companies and orgnisations. It can include anything from small, simple items such as pens, pencils and notebooks to larger items such as golf equipment, work clothing and shopping bags.

Some of the common uses of promotional merchandising are:

Ø  For members of staff to use in meetings – pens and notebooks

Ø  As handouts for clients, journalists and suppliers

Ø  As competition prizes for marketing campaigns, social media or CSR

Ø  For use at exhibitions, trade shows and conferences

But what are the benefits and why should you incorporate it into your marketing activity?

The benefits of promotional merchandise

There are many benefits to promotional merchandise and these are just a few of our favourites:

It puts you in control

If you produce promotional merchandise as a handout, for an event or for your staff, it is entirely up to you when and how you decide to distribute it. There are no restrictions (as there are with marketing disciplines) around what you do with your own promotional merchandise giving you total control and flexibility.

Cost effective

Producing promotional merchandise is often a more cost effective solution than some other forms of marketing, particularly for small to medium sized businesses. Buying items as a bulk order, say for six months or a year, takes advantage of economies of scale if you have appropriate storage solution.

Endless choice

The choice of products is endless and even if there is something that hasn’t been done before, it will be possible. From basic products such as mouse mats, fridge magnets and pens to items that are more complex and bespoke, you can be as thought-provoking as you want with promotional merchandise. Here at Streamline we love to get our creative juices flowing to find new and innovative solutions that meet our client’s needs – ‘try and find something we can’t do’ is one of our taglines!

Brand exposure

Promotional merchandise provides a ‘captive audience’ method to get your company logo and branding in front of the recipient and anyone else who sees it. And of course, the more creative the item, the more likely it is to get people talking about it. Who can forget the Christmas Coca-cola Lorry?

For the seventh year running there has been steady and continual growth in the UK & Ireland promotional merchandising market.

How Streamline can help

We work with our clients in so many ways for a limitless choice of promotional merchandise. We don’t just want to take your order and move on to the next, we work in collaboration with clients to really understand what you want to achieve from your promotional merchandise so we can make it as innovative and relevant as possible for your target audience.

We create branded items for any occasion or for any purpose. To see examples of our work, check out our case studies and sign up for our innovation newsletter today.



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