For the love of golf...

For the love of golf...

Mark Twain famously said that “golf is a good walk spoiled” but the most recent statistics tell a very different story. With the new golf season on the horizon, I’m taking a look at just how popular this sport is and how golf can be a powerful part of your next marketing campaign.

Above par statistics

Golf is one of the nation’s best-loved sports and popular with individuals as well as businesses for corporate events. Recent research from Hallam University[1] in 2016 reveals that the sport has an annual turnover of £10billion, with golfers in the UK spending £4.3 billion per year on their sport.

Furthermore, KPMG’s Golf Participation Report for Europe 2016[2] shows that the UK has the most registered golfers and most courses in Europe, accounting for 21% of all registered players across the continent. It is also home to more than a quarter of all European courses.

With these statistics in mind, there’s no wonder that golf is often a first point-of-call for corporate entertaining and is also worth considering as part of a targeted promotional campaign. And it’s no longer just a male-dominated sport with participation in women’s golf higher than ever before, now accounting for 14% of club membership in the UK.

Golf is the perfect choice for corporate hospitality.

The perfect round

Golf is the perfect choice for corporate hospitality and entertaining because it gives people the opportunity to talk, walk and do business together before relaxing and enjoying a good social. It can also form an integral part of a promotional campaign with so many product options available for corporate golf. Our Golf Day Planner has been designed to help inspire you when deciding on the appropriate approach to corporate golf, whether it’s for a large-scale networking event or some fresh ideas for golf products to stock up on for the year.

From gift boxes containing balls and tees to caps, shirts, golf bags and gloves, or from promotional flags and banners, to pop-up stands to gazebos, we have the full spectrum of products covered.

Check out our Golf page and contact me directly if you'd like to discuss your golf day requirements. 

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