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Have you noticed how seasonality has become such a fundamental part of marketing? It’s not just the obvious times of year like Easter that have marketers hopping, but any and every opportunity is maximised. From Mother’s Day to Father’s Day, Halloween to Christmas as well as the plethora of national days and weeks that now appear, covering every health issue and so much more, it seems like there is a new seasonal hashtag appearing every day in my social media feed.

Have you noticed how seasonality has become such a fundamental part of marketing? 

Seasonal success

For a promotional business like ours, seasonality has an important role to play in targeted marketing campaigns. It’s a fundamental part of our role to guide our clients in the right direction so that the appropriate promotional items are developed at the right time, to fit in with wider events and campaigns. With an endless range of products in our portfolio, we find it important to think about seasonal influences. Ice scrapers, umbrellas and beanie hats work well in the winter months, whereas branded beach balls, deck chairs and sunglasses are perfect for the summer months.

Sporting heroes

With so many sporting events in the calendar year, these are important opportunities for businesses to network and are often the cornerstone of sponsorship deals and much more. Looking ahead in 2017 there are many key events on the horizon including The Monaco Grand Prix in May, Wimbledon in June and the Rugby Autumn Internationals in November. Golf is a particularly important sport in the promotional world and a jam-packed year of golf tournaments lies ahead, including the US Masters, the Open Championship and USPGA. Watch this space for a dedicated feature about our work in the golf world.

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