Bag it up with a tote

The trusty tote bag is one of the most popular, useful and versatile products that we produce. Here, our Account Manager Daniel White gives you five reasons to say yes to the tote.

Daniel White
By Daniel White
  • 8 March 2017
  • Reading time: 5 minutes
Tote bags

The trusty tote bag is one of the most popular, useful and versatile products that we produce. Despite all the other bags you might have in your collection, a tote bag is something that gets used time and time again and never loses popularity.

Here are my five reasons to say yes to the tote:

  1. Bespoke manufactured

Our bespoke manufactured tote bags can be cut to your direct specification in any shape or size. For example, we developed a bag for a prestigious cleaning company who wanted to improve the aesthetics and ease of carrying numerous cleaning buckets around with them. Out-of-the-bag thinking at its very best.

  1. Materials

Plastic is out of date. The flexibility of materials available these days means we can avoid using environmentally hazardous substances and instead use jute, cotton and non-woven polypropylene for a peace-of-mind product.

  1. Bespoke colour

Once you’ve chosen your shape and size of tote, then you get to pick the colour. With the array of colours on offer these days – some 1867 Pantone colours, to be exact - it’s possible to have a tote bag made in nearly any shade. Choose your colours to suit your campaign, theme or branding.

  1. Style it out

Tote bags are so versatile and almost any style is possible. The handles can be adjusted to any length and it’s possible to add inside linings or pockets. Tote bags can be lightweight or heavyweight as the weight of the canvas can be adjusted accordingly.

  1. Finishing touches

Once you’ve designed your perfect tote don’t forget the important finishing touches such as a swing tag and what packaging you might want to use. An extra special finishing touch could be to have a woven seam tag made for your finished bag.

Did you know…? According to Sourcing City‘s Promotional Merchandise Industry Market Report 2016, promotional bags (in general) accounted for 12.4% of the Promotional Merchandise market, maintaining its top spot from 2015.

Here are my top five tote designs showcasing the versatility and flexibility of the tote:

Natural cotton

Bespoke cotton


Pack away/fold up


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