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21st century gift giving certainly looks a lot different to the way our parents shopped for presents. More product choice is actually making it harder for us to choose things. More of us are shopping online than ever before, and people are also demanding more creative gifts which can be personalised to suit their needs. One e-commerce retailer has cornered this unique niche in the online marketplace, selling over 70,000 original products from more than 3,500 independent businesses. We're talking about Not On The High Street (NOTHS).

From gifts that will make you look good to out-of-the-ordinary home and fashion accessories, Not On The High Street sells unique products from creatives and designers, many of which can be personalised. Think mirrored balloon lights, retro-inspired 1950s armchairs and initial pendants.

From little acorns

In 2006, co-founders Holly Tucker and Sophie Cornish sat around their little kitchen table and came up with a big idea to provide the nation with something different, - the most unique, stylish and never-before-seen products. Now one of the most high-profile e-commerce businesses in the country, the company is valued at £81.4 million. To date they have received over 24 awards for customer service and entrepreneurship and have just landed £21 million in investment, allowing them to expand their market.

If you’ve seen a piece of branded merchandise that you’d like to source or if you’re stuck for ideas for a particular audience, just ask us.

It's personal

NOTHS's brand strength comes from the diverse range of creatives and designers they work with, carefully chosen for their innovative and well-made products. The ability to personalise and customise many products they sell appeals to our desire to be unique – it's something we can relate to here at Streamline when personalising brand items for our customers. Inspiring and surprising customers with something a little different, NOTHS supports the future and growth of creative talent. So next time you're looking for an unusual gift or quirky home furnishings, consider Not On The High Street.

And what then for branded gifts?

If you’ve seen a piece of branded merchandise somewhere that you’d like to source or if you’re stuck for ideas for a particular audience, just ask us. From easily postable letterbox gifts to branded notebooks and pens for travelling executives, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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