Love it or hate it – it’s got your name on it

Love it or hate it – it’s got your name on it

Love it or hate it - it's got your name on it.

Marmite’s canny integrated advertising and marketing campaigners came up with a great wheeze for Valentine’s Day – personalised Marmite jars for your loved one advertised via social media.

Limited edition 250g pots had the familiar Marmite label replaced with one depicting flying cupids and, for £4.99, you could commission your sweetheart’s name to be printed on the label. The tag line ‘yeast extract’ was replaced with the words ‘pot of love’ and romancers could choose from ‘love me or hate me, I’m yours’ or ‘will you be my Valentine?’ as their special message.

Personalising isn’t just for malt extract though – here at Streamline we can personalise thousands of items, from pens to parkas, to promote your branding and help you to build a special relationship with your customers and staff.

Whether it’s a polo shirt with your logo and the name of the staff member wearing it embroidered across the back, or a specially boxed and engraved silver golf tee for an esteemed client, we can help you find an extra touch point to make your brand more memorable.

And we like to go beyond the obvious: Streamline’s creative team will produce imaginative, bespoke personalised promotional items that link in clever and entertaining ways to your company’s product or service. Call us to find out more.

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