Bags of style ‐ celebrating British creativity in a good cause.

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Collectable British design classics. Supporting the British Red Cross.

Ingenuity, craftsmanship and philanthropy – all hall marks of British manufacturing. We’re proud to continue that tradition.

Generously helped by four icons of creativity, we’re selling our one-off limited edition signature bags to raise money for the British Red Cross.

Quality Made in the UK.

Sewn in Liverpool from fine cotton canvas, with the signatures embroidered in our Exeter factory.

Paying meticulous attention to detail, the complex process of transforming signatures into embroidery demonstrates our craft.

The creators Marion Deuchars - The illustrator.

Innovative and inspiring, Marion Deuchars encourages the next generation of artists and designers with her art books for children.

Also: Peter Blake - The artist. Rankin - The photographer. Margaret Calvert - The typographer.
Testimonials #SignatureBags 

Jackie Lovegrove @shoegirl1965 Tweeted the following;
@Streamline_Co‪ Your #SignatureBags are amazing quality. I thoroughly recommend them

Competition winner Eva @avelte2000 shared the following; @Streamline_Co thankyou for sending my prize quickly :), fabulous unique bag!

@BritishRedCross shared the following Tweet with their 206,000 followers; We love these exclusive bags from ‪@Streamline_Co! Even better, every sale supports us!

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Just 100 of each of the four limited edition signature bag have been made. Should you miss out, you can also support the British Red Cross by buying the less-exclusive version.

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