Our Knowledge

  • Print marketing

    Print marketing - who knows the facts?

    We chat with our resident print expert and MD, Roger Paterson, on why brands should consider print

  • What's your brand story?

    Why telling your brand story is so important

    Brand stories are not just told, they are experienced. That's why we're taking a look at some of the brands who do that very well.

  • Direct Mail

    Why there’s still a valid place for direct mail

    79% of consumers act on direct mail immediately, so we think this gives direct mail a valid place as part of any marketing campaign.

  • Packaging designs 2017

    2017 Packaging Trends

    In this week’s blog we’re talking about packaging and have enlisted the help of our design consultant, Dawn Hogg, to guide us through the trends appearing in 2017.

  • Promotional merchandise: Why it matters so much

    Promotional merchandise: Why it matters so much

    Our MD, Roger Paterson, takes a look at how the promotional merchandise industry is significantly contributiong to the way people interact with brands.

  • Colour me happy

    Colour me happy

    Where do colour trends come from? We take a look at what the current trends are and how important this is for us as we develop innovative branding solutions for our clients.

  • Brand uniformity

    Brand uniformity

    In this blog, Martin Ellis, one of our Directors, discusses the benefits branded clothing and uniform can bring to a business.

  • Why we love to listen

    Why we love to listen

    There’s an old proverb, "No one is as deaf as the man who will not listen". It’s so true, isn’t it? How often are we really listening with the intention of basing our actions on what we’ve heard?

  • 'Hygge' your way to happiness this winter

    'Hygge' your way to happiness this winter

    There's a reason why Denmark is regularly voted one of the happiest countries in the world. We're talking about hygge, the Danish word that's on everyone's lips this season.

  • Outside the box branding

    Outside the box branding

    People are also demanding more creative gifts which can be personalised to suit their needs. One e-commerce retailer has cornered this unique niche...

  • Failure is an option

    Failure is an option

    The path to innovation is strewn with obstacles, and whilst it's important to be innovative, it's also vital to recognise that not every idea will lead to success. In fact, innovation...

  • Why print is outshining digital

    Why print is outshining digital

    The 2016 IPIA Everything's Possible in Print (EPIP) conference attracted over 180 delegates hoping to hear about the latest innovations in...

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